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Records: 301 to 350 of 11063
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Actions Call Number Title   Author
View Record  929.3748 MORRIS A Guide to Using the Published Archives of Pennsylvania, 2nd ed., c2003. Morris, Jean S. (compiler).
View Record  917.59 BRI A Guidebook of Florida and the South., c1869.
NOTE: Shelved in Florida Reference.
Brinton, Daniel G.
View Record  929.2 HALLOCK A Hallock Genealogy., c1926. Hallock, Lucius H.
View Record  929.3748 STE A Hill to Climb (Tamaqua, Pennsylvania), c1974. Steinert, Ruth A.
View Record  627.1 ANTONINI A Historical Geography of Southwest Florida Waterways, v. 1, n.c.d. Antonini, Gustavo A., David A. Fann and Paul Roat.
View Record  929.2 CYR A History and Genealogy of Our Family: A Branch of the Sire (Cyr) Family in the New World, c1985. Cyr, Leo G.
View Record  917.562 FRYAR A History Lover’s Guide to Wilmington and the Lower Cape Fear, c2003. Fryar, Jack E., Jr.
View Record  974.813 JAMES A History of Birmingham Township, Chester County, Pennsylvania, c1962. James, Arthur E.
View Record  929.3755 WIN A History of Caroline County, Virginia from its Formation in 1727 to 1924., c1924. Wingfield, Marshall
View Record  929.3756 CAT A History of Catawba County., c1954. Catawba County Historical Association, Inc. (Compiler)
View Record  378 McKNIGHT A History of Chowan College, c1964. McKnight, Edgar V. and Oscar Creech
View Record  977.4812 PRICE A History of Christ Reformed Church at Indian Creek, c1966. Price, Charles H., Jr. (compiler).
View Record  974.61 STARR A History of Cornwall, Connecticut, Second edition, c1982. Starr, Edward C.
View Record  975.9 TEBEAU A History of Florida, c1971.
NOTE: Shelved in Florida Reference.
Tebeau, Charlton W.
View Record  975.491 BOG A History of Franklin., c1960. Boggs, Elsie B.
View Record  929.3755 MORTON A History of Highland County, Virginia, c1972. Morton, Oren F.
View Record  929.3747 PELLETRE v.03 A History of Long Island from its Earliest Settlement to the Present Time, v.03, c1905. Pelletreau, William S.
View Record  977.148 MIAMI CO A History of Miami County, Ohio (1807-1953) c1953.
View Record  975.478 MORTON A History of Monroe County, West Virginia. c1980. Morton, Oren F.
View Record  975.5922 WAYLAND A History of Rockingham County, Virginia, c1912. Wayland, John W.
View Record  975.671 RUM A History of Rowan County, North Carolina., c1974. Rumple, Jethro
View Record  974.831 KELLEY A History of Salem United Church of Christ (German Reformed) Harrisburg, Pennsylvania from 1787-1988, c1964. Kelley, Joseph J. and Eleanor E. Kelley
View Record  975.5 PAINTER A History of Shenandoah County and Its Courthouse, c1979. Painter, Fred P.
View Record  974.723 STI v.01 A History of the City of Brooklyn, Including the Old Town and Village of Brooklyn, The Town of Bushwick, and the Village and City of Willamsburgh. v.01 (1867), c1993. Stiles, Henry R.
View Record  974.723 STI v.02 A History of the City of Brooklyn, Including the Old Town and Village of Brooklyn, The Town of Bushwick, and the Village and City of Willamsburgh. v.02 (1869), c1993. Stiles, Henry R.
View Record  974.723 STI v.03 A History of the City of Brooklyn, Including the Old Town and Village of Brooklyn, The Town of Bushwick, and the Village and City of Willamsburgh. v.03 (1870)., c1993. Stiles, Henry R.
View Record  285.1748 FIRST PR A History of the First Presbyterian Church of Warren, Penna. for One Hundred Years 1822-1922, c2015.
View Record  369.243 PFU A History of the German Society of Pennsylvania., c1964. Pfund, Harry W.
View Record  975.47 JOH A History Of The Middle New River Settlements, c1905. Johnston, David E.
View Record  977.803 BRY A History of the Pioneer Families of Missouri., c1876. Bryon, William S. & Rose Robert
View Record  369.1 HOLLIDAY A history of the Society of Indiana Pioneers 1916-2005, c2005. Holliday, Murray.
View Record  929.3757 LOG v.02 A History of the Upper Country of South Carolina from the Earliest Periods to the Close of the War of Independence. A Journal of Personalities, Reminiscences, Traditions, and History of the Revolution in South Carolina. v.02., c1980. Logan, John H.
View Record  975.4 KERCHEVAL A History of the Valley of Virginia, 2nd edition, c1833. (Originally Vol. 17 of the West Virginia Heritage Encyclopedia) Kercheval, Samuel.
View Record  974.1 HAH A History of Winter Harbor, Maine., c1974. Hahn, Nathalie White
View Record  929.2 ARCHER A History: The Archers, an Old Virginia Family., c1989. Fowler, Donald D.
View Record  975.5 VIRGINIA A Hornbook of Virginia History, c1965.
View Record  929.2 CARPENTER A Journey Through Carpenter County., c1985. Carpenter, William S.
View Record  929.2 HARRIS A Legend of Pharmacy: Loyd Ervin Harris, c2006 Reid, Lorene Harris (compiler)
View Record  929.342 BOYD A List of Parishes in Boyd’s Marriage Index, Sixth edition, c1987.
View Record  929.3758 COU A List of the Early Settlers of Georgia., c1949. Coulter, E. Merton and Albert B. Say (editors)
View Record  973.7 PAY A Listing of RUCKERS Who Served in the Armed Forces of the Confederate States of America, n.c.d. Payne, Ron
View Record  625 ABD A Locomotive Engineer's Album: the Saga of Steam Engines in America, c1965. Abdill, George B.
View Record  975.4 SMITH A Map Book of Historical Sites and Places in the Hacker’s Creek Watershed, c1988. Smith, Robert B. (artist and compiler).
View Record  929.2 McGINN A McGinn-McCorkle Family History: 1796-1995., c1996. McGinn, Ann Winston (compiler)
View Record  610.14 JER A Medical Miscellany for Genealogists, c1995. Jerger, Jeanette L.
View Record  942.04 GIE A Medieval Family: The Pastons of Fifteenth-Century England, c1998. Gies, Frances and Joseph Gies.
View Record  929.3771 MILITARY A Military History of Huron County, Ohio (Civil War), c1989. Ommert, Larry H. (compiler).
View Record  B Griffin A Mississippi Family: The Griffins of Magnolia Terrace, Griffin's Refuge, and Greenville, 1800-1950., c2009. Halloran, Mary H.
View Record  929.3752 BAL A Name Index to the Baltimore City Tax Records, 1798-1808., c1981. Cox, Richard J. (editor)
View Record  282.753 MAC A Parish for the federal city: St. Patrick's in Washington, 1794-1994., c1994. Macgregor, Morris J.
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Records: 301 to 350 of 11063