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Actions Call Number Title   Author
View Record  973.7 HORAN Confederate Agent: A Discovery in History, c1954. Horan, James D.
View Record  973.738 GRA Confederate Goliath: The Battle of Fort Fisher., c1991. Gragg, Rod
View Record  973.7 CRI Confederate Invasion of the West Shore-1863., c1963. Crist, Robert Grant
View Record  973.7 CON Confederate Military History: Secession and the Civil War, v.01., c1975. Evans, Clement A.
View Record  973.7 CON Confederate Military History: South After the Civil War, v.13., c1975. Evans, Clement A.
View Record  973.7 CON Confederate Military History; Navy in the Civil War, v.07., c1975. Evans, Clement A.
View Record  923 BRA Confederate Portraits., c1912 and 1913. Bradford, Gamaliel
View Record  973.7 NEA Confederate Research Sources. 2nd Edition., c1997. Neagles, James C.
View Record  929.3747 CONFEDERATE Confederate Soldiers Buried in Woodlawn Cemetery, Elmira, New York, n.c.d.
View Record  973.76 CON Confederate Soldiers of Kentucky: Roster of Veterans 1861-1865., c2002. Lynn, Stephen Douglas. (Editor)
View Record  929.3764 BRO Confederate Soldiers of Northeast Texas., n.c.d. Brothers, Ron
View Record  973.7 MOR Confederate Veterans Index. Dixie Chapter #1008, United Daughters of the Confederacy: St. Petersburg Chapter., c1987. Morris, Gary Dudley
View Record  929.3764 BRO Confederate Veterans who Died or are Buried in Lamar County, Texas., n.c.d. Brothers, Ron
View Record  929.3746 CONN Connecticut in 1790: Connecticut’s Sufferers and Their Awards for Damages; How the British Army Precipitated Settlement of the Firelands in Connecticut’s Western Reserve, extracted from Connecticut Ancestry, n.c.d. Galvin, Nora (compiler).
View Record  974.6 GRUNDSET Connecticut in the American Revolution: A Source Guide for Genealogists and Historians, c2016. Grundset, Eric G.
View Record  929.3746 CON Connecticut Revolutionary Pensioners., c1982. Connecticut Historical Society
View Record  929.3755 CON Continental and State Troops of Virginia., c1942. Wood, James (compiler)
View Record  355.3 WRI Continental Army: Army Lineage Series, c1983. Wright, Robert K.
View Record  929.3773 COOK Cook County, Illinois Selected Militiary Records , extracted from the Chicago Genealogist, n.c.d.
View Record  929.3757 REV Copy of the Original Index Book Showing the Revolutionary Claims Field in South Carolina between August 20, 1783 and August 31, 1786., c1941. Revill, Janie (Compiler)
View Record  979 FAU Crimson Desert: Indian Wars of the American Southwest, c1974. Faulk, Odie B.
View Record  929.3764 BRO Daniel's Lamar Artillery., n.c.d. Brothers, Ron
View Record  016 SEIMES DAR. Index of the DAR Seimes Microfilm Center, Washington, D.C., c1978. National Society Daughters of the American Revolution
View Record  929.3764 DAU Daughters of the American Revolution. The Alamo Heroes & Their Revolutionary Ancestors., c1976. Daughters of the American Revolution
View Record  929.3748 DAUPHIN Dauphin Militia Rolls, 1784-1789 and 1793-1794., c1990. Southwest Pennsylvania Genealogical Services
View Record  973.734 BEN Days of Uncertainty and Dread: The Ordeal Endured by the Citizens at Gettysburg., c1997. Bennett, Gerald R.
View Record  973.7 SWI Decisive Battles of the Civil War, c1986. Swinton, William
View Record  929.3751 DELAWARE Delaware Archives Selected Military Records, n.c.d.
View Record  929.3773 MEA Descriptive List of Deserters from the 17th Regiment, Illinois Infantry - from the Peoria Daily Transcript, March 14, 1863., c1979. Meals, Nanette
View Record  973.2 SMI Deserters, Dischargers, & Prisoners of War from the British 16th Regiment of Foot (Bedfordshire or Buckingham) during the American Revolution, c1978. Smith, Clifford Neal
View Record  973.7 DICKISON Dickison and His Men: Reminiscences of the Civil War in Florida., c1890. Dickison, Mary Elizabeth.
View Record  940.53 DOLLINGER Die Letzten Hundert Tage: Das Ende des Zweiten Weltkrieges in Europa und Asien, c1965. (The Last Hundred Days: the End of the Second World War in Europe and Asia). Dollinger, Hans and Hans-Adolf Jacobsen.
View Record  940.5441 GLI Doolittle's Tokyo Raiders., 1964. Glines, Carroll V.
View Record  929.5 DORCHESTER Dorchester North Burying Ground maps, n.c.d. Parks and Recreation Department, Boston, Massachusetts.
View Record  929.2 CHURCH Dr. Benjamin Church, Spy: A Case of Espionage on the Eve of the American Revolution, c2013. Nagy, John A.
View Record  973.56 LANGGUTH Driven West: Andrew Jackson and the Trail of Tears to the Civil War, c2010. Langguth, A. J.
View Record  929.3755 WOR Early Marriages, Wills, & Some Revolutionary War Records - Botetourt County, Virginia., c1980. Worrell, Ann Lowry
View Record  973.713 LAN Early Years of the Florida Division UDC: 1896-1921., 1984. Lancaster, Cathryn Garth
View Record  941.59 CAU Easter Rebellion., c1963. Caufield, Max
View Record  973.7 ARMS Echoes of Glory: Arms and Equipment of the Confederacy., c1991. Time-Life Books.
View Record  973.7 FALCO Echoes of the Civil War: Capturing Battlefields Through a Pinhole Camera, c2017. Falco, Michael.
View Record  929.3794 NOR El Pueblo De Los Angeles: Two Settlers & a Soldier of 1781 & their Descendants., n.c.d. Northrop, Marie E.
View Record  973.7349 ELW Elwood's Stories of the Old Ringgold Cavalry 1847-1865 the First Three Year Cavalry of the Civil War., c1914. Elwood, John W.
View Record  355.7 ROBERTS Encyclopedia of Historic Forts: the Military, Pioneer, and Trading Posts of the United States., c1987 Roberts, Robert B.
View Record  929.1072 SPE English National Archives: Army Records-Guide for Family Historians., c2008. Spencer, William
View Record  973.71 VAR Everyday life during the Civil War, c1999. Varhola, Michael J.
View Record  973.5 MCC Everyday Life in the 1800s, c1993. McCutcheon, Marc
View Record  940.54 CON Executive Order 9006: The Internment of 110,000 Japanese-Americans., c1972. Conrat, Maisie
View Record  940.53 MILLER Fading Voices and Haunting Memories from the World War II Era, c2003. Miller, Gloria.
View Record  973.737 LOD Far, Far, From Home: 9th Florida Regiment in the Confederate Army, c1999. Loderhose, Gary
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Records: 201 to 250 of 1231