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View Record  941.5 Dobson People of Ireland: 1600-1699. 4v. 2014. Dobson, David.
View Record  929.3759 PIO Pioneer Florida: History, Portraits, Personal and Family Records., 1959. Mckay, D.B. (Editor)
View Record  974.791 THOMAS Pioneer History of Orleans County, New York, containing some account of the civil divisions of western New York, c1871. Thomas, Arad.
View Record  920.7 ELLET Pioneer Women of the West, c1856. Ellet, Elizabeth Fries.
View Record  929.3755 ODELL Pioneers of Old Frederick County, Virginia, c1995. O’Dell, Cecil.
View Record  974.866 CHERRY Pittsburgh’s Lost Outpost: Captain Trents’ s Fort., c2019 Cherry, Jason A.
View Record  974.71 PORTRAIT Portraits: 9/11/01: The Collected “Portraits of Grief” from The New York Times, c2002.
View Record  978.2287 WORDEN Queen City of the Blue: Beatrice, Nebraska, c1976. Worden, Zoa Ann.
View Record  974.921 RUTHERFO Rutherford: One Hundred Years at Work and Play, c1980. Meadowlands Museum, Inc.
View Record  929.3749 SALTER Salters History of Monmouth and Ocean Counties, New Jersey., c1890, 1980 Reprint. Salter, Edwin.
View Record  974.748 DUNN Saratoga County Heritage, c1974. Dunn, Violet B. (editor-in-chief).
View Record  929.3757 SCATTERE Scattered Records Relating to Early Craven County, South Carolina Residents from 1736 to 1786, c2015. Raymond, Charles (compiler).
View Record  929.3411 DOBSON Scotland During the Plantation of Ulster: The People of Dumfries and Galloway 1600-1699., c2008 Dobson, David. A.
View Record  929.3412 DOB Scottish Highlanders on the Eve of the Great Migration, 1725-1775: The People of Highland Perthshire, v. 2, c2015. Dobson, David.
View Record  623.8942 TINNEY Seaway Trail Lighthouses: An Illustrated Guide to the Historic Lighthouses Along New York State’s Great Lakes, Niagara and St. Lawrence Rivers, c1989. Tinney, James and Mary Burdette-Watkins.
View Record  973.7 MILLIGAN Seeing Shiloh: 1862 and Today., c1940. Milligan, Mancil.
View Record  929.3749 PIERCE vol. 01 Selected Final Pension Payment Vouchers 1818-1864, New Jersey: Trenton, v.1 (A-M) c2000. Pierce, Alycon Trubey.
View Record  974.741 SETTLERS Settlers of Rensselaerswyck 1630-1658, c1908. Van Laer, A. J. F. (editor).
View Record  974.741 SETTLERS Settlers of Rensselaerswyck 1630-1658, c1908. Van Laer, A. J. F. (editor).
View Record  974.849 FISHER Snyder County, Pennsylvania Pioneers., c1938, 2001. Fisher, Charles A.
View Record  920.03 SOCIAL Social Register New York. 1969.
View Record  920.03 SOCIAL Social Register New York. 1971.
View Record  929.3749 HESTON South Jersey: a History 1664-1924., c1925. Library Has: v. 05 Biographical. Heston, Alfred.
View Record  975.948 ORAL HIS Southwest Florida Historical Society Oral History Project 2012 (CD book). Southwest Florida Historical Society
View Record  946 CROW Spain : The Root and the Flower ; A History of the Civilization of Spain, c1963. Crow, John A.
View Record  947.084 BRENT Stalin’s Last Crime: The Plot Against the Jewish Doctors 1948-1953, c2003. Brent, Jonathan and Vladimir P. Naumov
View Record  629.409 DET Suddenly, Tomorrow Came: A History of the Johnson Space Center, c1993. Sethloff, Henry C.
View Record  929.3748 ESHLEMAN Swiss and German Pioneer Settlers of Southeastern Pennsylvania., c1991. Eshelman, H. Frank.
View Record  929.3771 THODE Swiss Pioneers of Southeastern Ohio: The Re-Discovered 1819 Settlements of Jacob Tisher, Baron Rudolph de Steiguer, and Ludwig Gall (Plus John Joseph Labarthe in Louisiana)., c2017. Thode, Ernest.
View Record  975.5 PAINTER The Alms House of Shenandoah County: A Brief History, c1979. Painter, Fred P.
View Record  920.073 AMERICAN The American Heritage History of the Presidency, c1968. Cunliffe, Marcus, et al.
View Record  975.26 BALTIMORE The Baltimore Book: New Views of Local History, c1991. Fee, Elizabeth, et al (editors).
View Record  917.48 CANBY The Brandywine, c1941/1969. Canby, Henry Seidel.
View Record  973.5254 ROSENBER The Building of Perry’s Fleet on Lake Erie, 1812-1813, c1987. Rosenberg, Max.
View Record  971 TANNER The Canadians: Old West Series, Time-Life Books., c1977. Tanner, Ogden.
View Record  974.7475 DEPAUVIL The Changing Years: A History of Depauville, n.c.d.
View Record  946.081 PAYNE The Civil War in Spain 1936-1939, c1962. Payne, Robert (compiler).
View Record  974.882 BELL The Dutch Fork Settlement of Donegal Township, Washington County, Pennsylvania, c1982. Bell, Raymond Martin.
View Record  977.324 ELMHURST The Elmhurst Story: Biography of Progress 1910-1960, n.c.d.
View Record  975.431 STARCHER The Emergence of Jackson County and of Ripley, Its Seat of Justice, c1982. Starcher, Genevieve, Guy E. Landfried, and Delmer K. Somerville (compilers).
View Record  917.552 McCLINTON The Fairfax Line: A Historic Landmark, c1990. McClinton, Arthur T. et al.
View Record  917.552 MORRISON The Fairfax Line: A Profile in History and Geography, c1970. Morrison, Charles.
View Record  947.0841 KING The Fate of the Romanovs King, Greg and Penny Wilson
View Record  975.5 WAYLAND The German Element of the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, c1907. Wayland, John W.
View Record  929.3755 GERMANNA The Germanna Record, No.11 (April 1968): The Carpenter Family and the Wayland Family.
View Record  929.3755 GERMANNA The Germanna Record, No. 06 (June 1965): The Second Germanna Colony of 1717
View Record  941.1 THO The Great Feud: The Campbells & the MacDonalds, c2000. Thomson, Oliver.
View Record  974.976 WEBB The Historical Directory of Sussex County, New Jersey, c1872. Webb, Edward A. (compiler and editor).
View Record  974.9 GORDON The History of New Jersey, from its Discovery by Europeans to the Adoption of the Federal Constitution, c1997. Gordon, Thomas F.
View Record  974.9 ATKINSON The History of Newark, New Jersey, c2001. Atkinson, Joseph.
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Records: 201 to 250 of 299