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Actions Call Number Title   Author
View Record  929.2 REICHERT 1987: Celebrating the 140th Year of the Immigration to the U.S. of our Ancestor, George Reichart., c1988. Moeller, Alan Henry
View Record  929.3773 KANKAKEE 1989 Kankakee, Illinois City Directory, n.c.d. R. L. Polk Co.
View Record  929.3744 MIT 1989 MIT Alumni/ae Register., c1989.
View Record  371 PEN 1995 Alumni Association Membership Directory. Pennsylvania State University
View Record  929.3747 SCO 19th Century Apprentices in New York City., c1986. Scott, Kenneth
View Record  929.3762 CREEL 19th Century Baptist Church Records of Marion and Pike Counties, Mississippi, c2013. Creel, Bevin J.
View Record  929.3089 SMI 19th Century Emigration From Kreis Simmern (Hunsrueck), Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany to Brazil, England, Russian Poland, and the United States of America., c1997. Smith, Clifford Neal
View Record  929.3768 Miller 19th Century Tenneessee Adoptions. Legitimations, and Name Changes Miller, Alan
View Record  973.7 TOD 1st Alabama Cavalry, USA, Roster of Soldiers, c2003. Todd, Glenda McWhirter
View Record  355 SEC 2/138th Field Artillery Battalion, Lineage, & Honors., c1998.
View Record  917.3 NELSON 20 West: The Great Road Across America, c2008. Nelson, Mac.
View Record  929.373 NATIONAL 2003 Update of Corrections & Additions to the Register of Qualified Ancestors of the National Huguenot Society. Rice, Grace V.
View Record  929.2 HOLIFIELD 201 Years: This Book is Memories & History of John Holifield Family., c1972. Daniel, Harlan H. (Dan)
View Record  929.3748 MCF 20th Century History of the City and County of Washington, Pennsylvania., c1910. McFarland, Joseph F.
View Record  929.3764 BRO 29th Texas Cavalry, C.S.A., n.c.d. Brothers, Ron
View Record  929.5 AUSTIN 30,638 Burials in Georgia, c1995. Austin, Jeannette Holland.
View Record  929.373 RIX 300 Colonial Ancestors & War Service., c1991. Rixford, Elizabeth M. Leach
View Record  929.373 CAM 300 Years of Migration within England., c1988. Camp, Anthony
View Record  973.8 SIM 3rd Brigade Report, Santiago de Cuba, July 5, 1898, c2001. Simpson, Wendell L.
View Record  973.8 RIC 40 Miles a Day on Beans & Hay, c1963. Rickey, Don Jr.
View Record  929.3758 MAD 40,000 Early Georgia Marriages., c1976. Maddox, Joseph T.
View Record  974.974 MONTVILLE 50 Years of Firefighting Progress: Montville Fire Department Roster of Firemen 1910-1960, c1960.
View Record  929.2 BULL 50 Years of the Bull Family Picnic of Orange County, New York: The William Bull and Sarah Wells Family Association., c1973.
View Record  333.16 OBE 60 Million Acres, American Veterans and the Public Lands, c1990. Oberly, James W.
View Record  929.3758 HOU 600 Revolutionary War Soldiers Living in Georgia in 1827-1828., 1932. Houston, Martha Lou
View Record  929.3747 BOW 7,000 Hudson-Mohawk Valley, New York Vital Records 1808-1850., c1997. Bowman, Fred Q.
View Record  929.3771 BOL 71st Ohio Volunteer Infantry., c1987. Bolitho, Muriel A.
View Record  974.821 SEV 75th Anniversary: 1879-1954 - Perkasie, Pennsylvania., c1954.
View Record  973.741 TOW 7th Michigan Volunteer Calvary., c1993. Townsend, David G.
View Record  929.3764 SWE 8800 Texas Marriages, v. 02, M-Z, 1824-1850, c1981. Swenson, Helen Smothers
View Record  929.3 CAROTHERS vol.02 9000 Men Who Signed the Oath of Allegiance and Fidelity to Maryland During the Revolution. v. 02, n.c.d. Carothers, Bettie Sterling
View Record  929.3 CAROTHERS vol.01 9000 Men Who Signed the Oath of Allegiance and Fidelity to Maryland During the Revolution. v.01, n.c.d. Carothers, Bettie Sterling
View Record  973.7471 LAM 91st Ohio Volunteer Infantry: With Civil War Letters of Lt. Col. Benjamin Franklin Coates and an Annotated Roster of the Men of Company C., c2005. Lambert, Lois J.
View Record  929.3754 DAYTON 929.3754 DAYTON Dayton, Ruth Woods. Pioneers and Their Homes on Upper Kanawha., c1947. Dayton, Ruth Woods.
View Record  940.2745 ADKINS 940.2745 ADKIN Adkins, Roy.
View Record  929.3757 GRE 96: Historical Narrative: National Historical Site, South Carolina., c1978. Greene, Jerome A.
View Record  929.3764 BRO 9th Texas Field Battery., n.c.d. Brothers, Ron
View Record  929.3764 BRO 9th Texas Infantry., n.c.d. Brothers, Ron
View Record  973.8 DIM 9th U.S. Calvary, Santiago de Cuba, c2001. Dimmick, E.D.
View Record  929.3755 KRICK 9th Virginia Calvary. 4th Edition., c1982 Krick, Robert K.
View Record  929.3758 GLY A 1738 Census of Frederica, Georgia (Glynn County), n.c.d.
View Record  929.2 GIL A Balcony in Charleston., c1941. Saint-Amand, Mary Scott
View Record  973.3 SYM A Battlefield Atlas of the American Revolution, c1986. Symonds, Craig L.
View Record  016.973 FIL A Bibliography of American County Histories, c1985. Filby, P. William
View Record  975.9 SER v.02 A Bibliography of Florida. v.02 (1846-1880). c 1990.
NOTE: Shelved in Florida Reference.
Servies, James A. & Lana D. Servies
View Record  975.9 SER v.01 A Bibliography of Florida. v.1 (1507-1845); c1990.
NOTE: Shelved in Florida Reference.
Servies, James A. & Lana D. Servies
View Record  975.9 SER v.03 A Bibliography of Florida. v.3 (1881-1899)., c 1990.
NOTE: Shelved in Florida Reference.
Servies, James A. & Lana D. Servies
View Record  929.3748 HAR A Biographical History of Lancaster County, 1872. Harris, Alex
View Record  929.2 LUTYENS A Blessed Girl, c1953. Lutyens, Lady Emily
View Record  929.2 SOPER A Brief History of the Descendants of Benjamin Brewster Soper of Northport, Long Island., c1984. Howe, Harriet Soper (compiler)
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Records: 201 to 250 of 11511