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Actions Call Number Title   Author
View Record  973.8 LEE Annual Report of Major General Fitzhugh Lee, 7th Army Corps, c2001. Lee, Major General Fitzhugh
View Record  975 ELD Appalachian Trails, c1998. Eldridge, Carrie
View Record  973.3 HOG Armies of the American Revolution., c1975. Hogg, Ian V.
View Record  974 ELD Atlas of Northern Trails Westward from New England, c2000. Eldridge, Carrie
View Record  975 ELD Atlas of Southern Trails to the Mississippi, c1999. Eldridge, Carrie
View Record  940.5318 GIL Atlas of the Holocaust., c1993. Gilbert, Martin
View Record  973 WEX Atlas of Western Expansion, c1994. Wexler, Alan.
View Record  940.5412 AMB Band of Brothers: E Company, 506th Regiment, 101st Airborne from Normandy to Hitler's Eagle Nest., c1992. Ambrose, Stephen
View Record  940.542 LOR Battle of the Komandoeski Islands, May 1943, c1984. Lorelli, John
View Record  929.1072 UNITED Black Family Research: Records of Post-Civil War Federal Agencies at the National Archives, c2006. United States. National Archives and Records Administration.
View Record  940.544 FER Black Flyers in World War II., c1987. Ferguson, William C.
View Record  973.0496 CUR Black Heritage Sites: African American Odyssey and Finder's Guide., c1996. Curtis, Nancy C.
View Record  970.1 BLACK Black Indians: An American Story. (DVD narrated by James Earl Jones), n.c.d.
View Record  973.8 HYM Black Jack in Cuba: General John Pershing's Service in the Spanish-American War, c2001. Hymel, Kevin
View Record  974.004 PIE Black Yankees, c1988. Piersen, William D.
View Record  940.545 LOT Brave Ship, Brave Men., c1960. Lott, Arnold S.
View Record  973.34 SMITH Part 2 British and German Deserters, Dischargees, and Prisoners of War Who May Have Remained in Canada and the United States, 1774-1783: Parts 1 and 2; and Deserters and Disbanded Soldiers from British, German and Loyalist Military Units in the South, 1782, c1991. Smith, Clifford Neal
View Record  973.8 SCH Buffalo Soldiers at San Juan Hill, c2001. Schubert, Frank N.
View Record  973.09 BUR Burke's Presidential Families of the United States of America, c1975.
View Record  973.757 AND By Sea and By River., c1962. Anderson, Bern
View Record  973.8 BAL Camp Hamilton, Cuba - Headquarters, 2nd Brigade, Calvary Division, July 22, 1898, c2001. Baldwin, T.A.
View Record  973.3 JON Captain Oliver Pond's Hessian Fusiliercap., c1986. Jones, Kenneth S. (compiler)
View Record  973.2 VLA Career Women of Colonial Times, c1978. Vlaming, Katherine Pratt
View Record  940.544 LES Century Bombers: Story of the Bloody Hundredth., c1990. LeStrange, Richard
View Record  973.016 CHI Checklist of Historical Records., c1943. Reprinted in 1969. Child, Sargent Burrage & Dorothy P. Holmes
View Record  970.01 MCL Cherokee Nationalism & the Right of Internal Taxation., c1982. McLoughlin, William
View Record  976 CIV Civil War & Reconstruction on the Gulf Coast, c1989. Gulf Coast Historical Review
View Record  973.74 SPE Civil War Generals: Categorical Listings and a Biographical Directory, c1986. Spencer, James. (Compiler)
View Record  973.71 WIL Civil War Suits in the U.S. Court of Claims: Cases Involving Compensation to Northerners and Southerners for Wartime Losses., c2006. Williams, Greg H.
View Record  973.0491 HAR Classified Bibliography of Welsh Americana., c1993. Hartmann, Edward George
View Record  929.3771 BELL Columbiana County, Ohio 1860 Census Index, c1972. Bell, Carol W.
View Record  973.73 REE Combined Operations in the Civil War., c1978. Reed, Rowena
View Record  973.742 SIF Compendium of the Confederate Armies: KY; MD; MO; The Confederate Units & The Indian Units., c1995. Sifakis, Stewart
View Record  973.742 SIF Compendium of the Confederate Armies: SC and GA., c1995. Sifakis, Stewart
View Record  973.7 CON v.07 Confederate Military History; Navy in the Civil War, v.7., c1975. Evans, Clement A.
View Record  973.7 CON v.01 Confederate Military History: Secession and the Civil War, v.1., c1975. Evans, Clement A.
View Record  973.7 CON v.13 Confederate Military History: South After the Civil War, v.13., c1975. Evans, Clement A.
View Record  917.5938 CLARKE Consider Coral Gables, c1948 Clarke, Mary Helm
View Record  979 FAU Crimson Desert: Indian Wars of the American Southwest, c1974. Faulk, Odie B.
View Record  974.02 EAR Customs & Fashions in Old New England, c1893. Earle, Alice Morse
View Record  973.7 SWI Decisive Battles of the Civil War, c1986. Swinton, William
View Record  973 DEM Democratic Societies of 1793 & 1794 in Kentucky, Pennsylvania & Virginia: From the William & Mary Quarterly, October 1922.
View Record  972.903 DES Description of the Spanish Islands & Settlements on the Coast of the West Indies, 1762.
View Record  973.2 SMI Deserters, Dischargers, & Prisoners of War from the British 16th Regiment of Foot (Bedfordshire or Buckingham) during the American Revolution, c1978. Smith, Clifford Neal
View Record  940.5441 GLI Doolittle's Tokyo Raiders., 1964. Glines, Carroll V.
View Record  970.3 SWA Early History of the Creek Indians & Their Neighbors, c1970. Swanton, John R.
View Record  973.71 VAR Everyday life during the Civil War, c1999. Varhola, Michael J.
View Record  973.2 TAY Everyday Life in Colonial America from 1607-1783, c1997. Taylor, Dale
View Record  973.2 HAW Everyday Life in Early America, c1988. Hawke, David Freeman
View Record  973.5 MCC Everyday Life in the 1800s, c1993. McCutcheon, Marc
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Records: 51 to 100 of 419