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Actions Call Number Title   Author
View Record  973.2 KEM Additional Notes on the French & Indian War, c1923. Kemper, Charles E.
View Record  355.009 HAW African American Generals and Flag Officers: Biographies of Over 120 Blacks in the United States Military. Hawkins, Walter L.
View Record  0004 AGLL MICROFICHE - Catalog of Military Records
View Record  940.3 JAC Air War Flanders - 1918., c1998. Jackson, Robert
View Record  358.4 NEW Air Warfare From World War I to the Present Day., c2008. Newdick, Thomas. (Editor)
View Record  973.7 GOL Alabama Civil War Research., c1999. Golowka, Carolyn
View Record  929.3773 ALEXANDER Alexander County, Illinois List of 1940 Registrants, Selective Service Board, n.c.d.
View Record  973.7 ALLEN Allen Family of Amherst, Virginia: Civil War Letters, c1995. Tunner, Charles W. (editor)
View Record  929.373 CLA America Militia in the Frontier Wars - 1790-1796., c1990. Clark, Murtie June
View Record  940.5472 AME American Ex-Prisoners of War, v. II, c1991.
View Record  973.2 AME American Heritage History of the Thirteen Colonies., c1967.
View Record  940.54 BER American Indians and World War II, c1991. Bernstein, Alison R.
View Record  940.54 BER American Indians and World War II., c1991. Berstein, Alison R.
View Record  973.314 COLDHAM American Loyalist Claims, v.01, c1980. Coldham, Peter Wilson
View Record  973.34 CHARTRAND American Loyalist Troops 1775-84, c2008. Chartrand, Rene
View Record  353.008 HOL American Military Cemeteries, c1992. Holt, Dean W.
View Record  355.009 AME American Military History., c1969 United States Army, Center for Military History
View Record  355.009 BLE American Military History: A Guide To Reference & Information Sources., c1995. Blewett, Daniel K.
View Record  929.373 DANDRIDG American Prisoners of the Revolution, c1910. Dandridge, Danske.
View Record  929.3748 FEN American Revolutionary Soldiers of Franklin County, Pennsylvania., c1969. Fendrick, Virginia S.
View Record  355 HUS American Revolutionary War Patriots Buried in the Town of Brookhaven, New York., c1998. Huson, Harry W.
View Record  940.548 BROKAW An Album of Memories: Personal Histories from the Greatest Generation, c2001. Brokaw, Tom.
View Record  929.3 FLAGG An Alphabetical Index of Revolutionary Pensioners Living in Maine, c1967. Flagg, Charles Alcott.
View Record  929.2 PRIMM An Autobiographical Narrative: Captain Jules Richard Primm, USN, c1995. Primm, Jules Richard.
View Record  940.5421 WRIGHT An Emotional Gauntlet: From Life in Peacetime America to the War in European Skies, c2004. Wright, Stuart J.
View Record  973.7 WAR An Enlisted Soldier's View of the Civil War: The Wartime Papers of Joseph R. Ward Jr. - 39th Illinois Volunteer Infantry, c1981. Ward, Joseph R. Jr.
View Record  973.26 IMP An Impartial Account of the Late Expedition Against St. Augustine Under General Oglethorpe, c1978.
View Record  929.3748 INDEX An Index for the Scrapbook of World War I Letters from Soldiers and Others Found in the York County Heritage Trust Library, York, Pennsylvania, c2013
View Record  973.715 WAK An Uncommon Soldier: The Civil War Letters of Sarah Rosetta Wakeman Alias Pvt. Lyons Wakeman, 153rd Regiment, New York State Volunteers: 1862-1864, edited by Lauren Cook Burgess., c1994. Wakeman, Sarah Rosetta
View Record  973.7 LOG Andersonville & Captain Henry Wirz., c1986. Logan, Thelma F.
View Record  973.771 McE Andersonville. 2v., c1993. v.01. McElroy, John
View Record  973.771 McE Andersonville. 2v., c1993. v.02. McElroy, John
View Record  975.256 NOR Annapolis: Its Colonial & Naval Story., c1925. Norris, Walter B.
View Record  973.8 LEE Annual Report of Major General Fitzhugh Lee, 7th Army Corps, c2001. Lee, Major General Fitzhugh
View Record  973.7336 TILBERG Antietam National Battlefield Site, Maryland, c1960, rev. 1961. Tilberg, Frederick.
View Record  973.7455 APP Appomattox Roster: List of the Paroles of the Army of Northern Virginia Issued at Appomattox Court House on April 9, 1865., c1962. Brock, R.A.
View Record  973.7 MCQ Arizona in the Confederacy., c1986. McQuain, Myra P.
View Record  973.3 HOG Armies of the American Revolution., c1975. Hogg, Ian V.
View Record  929.1072 Army Records: Guide for Family Historians Spencer, William
View Record  940.5318 GIL Atlas of the Holocaust., c1993. Gilbert, Martin
View Record  940.302 GIL Atlas of World War I, 2nd edition, c1994. Gilbert, Martin.
View Record  975.9 BAR Barcia's Chronological History of the Continent of Florida., c1951.
View Record  623.45 BARTLESO Bartleson, John D., Jr. Civil War Explosive Ordnance 1861-1865, c1972. Bartleson, John D., Jr.
View Record  951.904 DVORCHAK Battle for Korea: The Associated Press History of the Korean Conflict, c1993. Dvorchak, Robert J. et al.
View Record  940.542 YOUNG Battle of Bataan: History of the 90 Day Siege and Eventual Surrender of 75,000 Filipino and United States Troops., c1992. Young, Donald J.
View Record  973.731 CHE Battle of Belmont: Grants Strikes South., c1991. Cheairs-Hughes, Nathaniel
View Record  973.33 SMI Battle of Brandywine., c1976. Smith, Samuel S.
View Record  975.948 BAT Battle of Fort Myers, c1993.
View Record  973.732 SMI Battle of Seven Pines., c1891. Smith, Gustavus Woodson
View Record  940.542 LOR Battle of the Komandoeski Islands, May 1943, c1984. Lorelli, John
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Records: 51 to 100 of 1231