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View Record  978 COVERED vol. 11 Covered Wagon Women: Diaries & Letters from the Western Trails, 1879-1903, v.11, c1993. Holmes, Kenneth L. (editor/compiler).
View Record  917.4843 PENNSYLVANIA Cumberland County: Compiled from Historical Writings, n.c.d.
View Record  947 DUFFY Czars: Russia’s Rulers for Over One Thousand Years, c1995. Duffy, James P. and Vincent L. Ricci.
View Record  941.5 DIA Diaries of Ireland: An Anthology 1590-1987, c1998. Lenox-Conyngham, Melosina (editor).
View Record  941.5 DIA Diaries of Ireland: An Anthology 1590-1987, c1998. Lenox-Conyngham, Melosina (editor).
View Record  942 WOOD Doomsday : A Search for the Roots of England., c1986. Wood, Michael.
View Record  976.8 DOORS TO Doors to the Past: Homes of Shelbyville and Bedford County, c1969. Bedford County Historical Society.
View Record  975.921 DOG Dr. Andrew Turnbull and the New Smyrna Colony of Florida, c1919. Doggett, Carita.
View Record  975.5773 KEGLEY Early Adventures in the Town of Evansham, the County Seat of Wythe County, Virginia, 1790-1839, v. IV, c1998. Kegley, Mary B.
View Record  975.52 KEGLEY Early Adventures on the Western Waters, v.01: The New River of Virginia in Pioneer Days 1745-1800, c1980 Kegley, Mary B. and F. B. Kegley.
View Record  975.52 KEGLEY Early Adventures on the Western Waters, v.02, The New River of Virginia in Pioneer Days 1745-1800, c1982. Kegley, Mary B. and F. B. Kegley.
View Record  977.8 THORP Early Days in the West: Along the Missouri One Hundred Years Ago, c1924. Thorp, Joseph.
View Record  975.948 QUESNELL Early Estero, c2002. Quesnell, Quentin.
View Record  942.1 PICARD Elizabeth’s London: Everyday Life in Elizabethan England, c2003. Picard, Liza
View Record  977.324 BERENS Elmhurst: Prairie to Tree Town, c1968. Berens, Helmut Alan
View Record  975.3 DICKEY Empire of Mud: The Secret History of Washington, DC, c2014. Dickey, J. D.
View Record  975.9 DAMKOHLE Estero, Fla, 1882: Memoirs of the First Settler, c1967. Damkohler, E. E.
View Record  266 TROTTER Faithful Servants: The Story of Florida Woman’s Missionary Union 1894-1994, c1994. Trotter, Martha Pope.
View Record  929.3773 CANNON Fithian: A Diary of a Small Town., c2002 Cannon, Richard.
View Record  917.59 STOCKBRIDGE Florida in the Making.,c1926. Stockbridge, Frank Parker
View Record  917.59 WINSBERG Florida’s History Through it’s Places: Properties in the National Register of Historic Places., 1988. Winsberg, Morton.
View Record  917.5 ROZEMA Footsteps of the Cherokees: Guide to the Eastern Homelands of the Cherokee Nation, c2000. Rozema, Vicki.
View Record  977.324 BUDD Footsteps on the Tall Grass Prairie: A History of Lombard, Illinois, c1977. Budd, Lillian
View Record  338.76 PEN For God, Country and Coca-Cola: The Unauthorized History of the Great American Soft Drink and the Company That Makes It, c1993. Pendergrast, Mark.
View Record  975.9 HANNA Fort Maitland: Its Origins and History., c1936. Hanna, Alfred Jackson.
View Record  975.948 TURNER Fort Myers in Vintage Post Cards, c2005. Turner, Gregg.
View Record  975.948 TUR Fort Myers in Vintage Postcards, c2005. Turner, Gregg.
View Record  973 FER Founders and Frontiersman: Historic Places Commemorating Early Nationhood and the Westward Movement, 1783-1828., c1967. Ferris, Robert G. (series editor).
View Record  973.3 RAPHAEL Founders: The People Who Brought You a Nation, c2009. Raphael, Ray.
View Record  973.3 MARTINEZ From Across the Spanish Empire: Spanish Soldiers Who Helped Win the American Revolutionary War, 1776-1783, c2015. Martinez, Leroy.
View Record  929.3747 YOTT From Soldiers’ Home to Medical Center: A Glance at the 125 Year History of the Bath Soldiers’ Home., c2006. Yott, Robert E.
View Record  975.94 MAG From Ticks to Politics, n.c.d. Magill, Inez
View Record  977.324 MOORE From Tower to Tower: A History of Wheaton, Illinois, c1974. Moore, Jean
View Record  973.33 FRONTIER Frontier Defense on the Upper Ohio (v.03 of the Draper Series) c1912 Thwaites, Reuben Gold and Louise Phelps Kellogg.
View Record  726.5097 ROBINSON Gathering as One: The History of the Mormon Tabernacle in Salt Lake City, c2014. Robison, Elwin C. and W. Randall Dixon.
View Record  929.3749 GENEALOGY Genealogy of Early Settlers in Trenton and Ewing, “Old Hunterdon County” New Jersey, c1883.
View Record  977.323 GENEVA Geneva, Illinois: A History of Its Times and Places, c1977. Ehresmann, Julia M. (editor).
View Record  975.5732 WAYLAND Germanna: Outpost of Adventure 1714-1956, c1956. Wayland, John W.
View Record  977.324 KAISER Glen Ellyn’s Story and her neighbors in DuPage, c1976. Kaiser, Blythe P. and Dorothy I. Vandercook.
View Record  979.525 BOOTH Grants Pass: The Golden Years, c1984. Booth, Percy T.
View Record  917.47 GUIDE Guide to New York City Landmarks.,2004. New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission.
View Record  929.3749 HADDONFIELD Haddonfield United Methodist: A Sesquicentennial History 1829-1979., c1980.
View Record  975.541 DONNELLY Hampton Roads: Heart of the Mid-Atlantic, c2012. Donnelly, Veronica Dana (photographer) and Ellen McBride.
View Record  977.144 MARVIN Hardin County. Postcard History Series, c2011. Marvin, Ronald I., Jr
View Record  976.6 GIBSON Harlow’s Oklahoma History, 6th edition, c1972. Gibson, Arrell M.
View Record  975.457 HARRISON Harrison County: A Bicentennial Album, c1985. Harrison County Bicentennial Committee
View Record  016.72 HISTORIC Historic American Buildings Survey of New Jersey, c1977. Bassett, William B. (compiler).
View Record  974.843 HISTORIC Historic Carlisle Barracks: Home of the U. S. Army War College and the Military History Institute, n.c.d.
View Record  975.948 HISTORIC Historic Fort Myers, c1992. Board, Prudy Taylor and Esther B. Colcord.
View Record  977.3343 BALE Historic Galena: Yesterday and Today, c1939. Bale, Florence Gratiot (compiler).
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Records: 51 to 100 of 299