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View Record  929.3415 CORK 1766 Religious Census: County Cork Ireland, n.c.d.
View Record  929.373 NATIONAL 2003 Update of Corrections & Additions to the Register of Qualified Ancestors of the National Huguenot Society. Rice, Grace V.
View Record  283.759 GOO A Goodly Heritage: A History of Episcopal Churchwomen in the Diocese of South Carolina., c1984. Goodbody, Harriet Linen
View Record  974.831 KELLEY A History of Salem United Church of Christ (German Reformed) Harrisburg, Pennsylvania from 1787-1988, c1964. Kelley, Joseph J. and Eleanor E. Kelley
View Record  282.753 MAC A Parish for the federal city: St. Patrick's in Washington, 1794-1994., c1994. Macgregor, Morris J.
View Record  291.65 AME v.01 American Congregations, v.1: Portraits of 12 Religious Communities. Wind, James P. & James W. Lewis
View Record  291.65 AME v.02 American Congregations, v.2: New Perspectives in the Study of Congregations, c1994. Wind, James P. & James W. Lewis
View Record  296 HAN American Jews: Their Story, n.c.d. Handlin, Oscar
View Record  929.3794 NEU An African-American Among the Mormons., c1998. Neumeyer, Le Ann Von
View Record  291.09 ENC An Encyclopedia of Religions in the United States, c1992. Williamson, William B. (editor).
View Record  286.73 CRY Anabaptist Chronology, c2001. Cryer, Richard (publisher)
View Record  929.5 BERKS Berks County, Pennsylvania, Borough of Bally, the Old Mennonite Cemetery of the Hereford Congregation of Mennonites, extracted from The Pennsylvania Traveler-Post, n.c.d.
View Record  929.3746 BRIDGE Bridgeport, Connecticut Burials in Catholic Cemeteries, n.c.d. Galvin, Nora (compiler).
View Record  289.7748 BURDGE Building on the Gospel Foundation: Mennonites of Franklin County, Pennsylvania and Washington County, Maryland, 1730-1970, c2004. Burdge, Edsel, Jr., & Samuel L. Horst
View Record  929.3748 ADA Catholic Trails West., v.1., c1988. Adams, Edmund & Barbara O'Keefe
View Record  282.759 McN Catholicism in South Florida, 1868-1968, c1982. McNally, Michael J.
View Record  720 CEN Centenary Dedication of the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception 1852-1952 and Golden Jubilee Consecration of the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception 1902 - 1952., n.c.d.
View Record  283.7481 GOU Christ Church, Philadelphia., c1995. Gough, Deborah Mathias
View Record  929.375 HEL Church Records Research., c1980. Helmbold, F. Wilbur
View Record  726.5 PAULSON Church Signs Across America., c2006 Paulson, Steve and Pam.
View Record  929.374 WEI Colonial Clergy of the Middle Colonies: 1628-1776., c1978. Weis, Frederick Lewis
View Record  929.3757 REV Compilation of the Original Lists of Protestant Immigrants to South Carolina 1763-1773., c1996. Revill, Janie (Compiler)
View Record  330.974 INN Creating the Commonwealth: The Economic Culture of Puritan New England, c1995. Innes, Stephen
View Record  284.6 FRI Customs and Practices of the Moravian Church, c1962. Fries, Adelaide L.
View Record  283.092 ROS Diary of Robert Rose: A View of Virginia by a Scottish Colonial Parson 1746-1751., c1985. Fall, Ralph E. (Editor)
View Record  929.3748 WATRING Early Quaker Records of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, v. 01, 1682-1750, c2005. Watring, Anna Miller.
View Record  929.3748 WATRING Early Quaker Records of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, v. 02, 1751-1800, c1998. Watring, Anna Miller.
View Record  283.73 EPISCOPAL Episcopal Clerical Directory, with CD-ROM, c2009.
View Record  929.3757 FRE French and Swiss Protestants Settled in Charleston, South Carolina Published in 1695., n.c.d.
View Record  277.3 KIDD God of Liberty: A Religious History of the American Revolution, c2010. Kidd, Thomas S.
View Record  264.0933 MEMBERS Guia Para Los Miembros Sobre Las Obras Del Templo Y De Historia Familiar: Ordenanzas Y Convenios., c1993 Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
View Record  793 RUT Guide to the Original and Copied Records of Religious organizations Largely New Jersey Churches in the Special Collections and University Archives of Rutgers University., c1999. Sinclair, Donald Arleigh. (Compiler)
View Record  291.09 MEA Handbook of Denominations in the United States. 8th Revised Edition, c1989. Mead, Frank S. & Samuel S. Hill
View Record  285.13 McB History of the Associate Presbyterian Church of North America, c1983. McBee, Basil G.
View Record  929.3768 HOO History of the Chilhowee Baptist Association., c1970. Hood, John O.
View Record  285.1773 COL History of the First Presbyterian Church of Wilmette., c1986. Collins, William R.
View Record  971 JES Jesuit relations and allied documents: Travels and explorations of the Jesuit missionaries in North America (1610-1791), c1925. Kenton, Edna (editor)
View Record  289.3 WES Kingdom of the Saints: The Story of Brigham Young & the Mormons., c1957. West, Ray B.
View Record  287.83 WEB Laypersons of Distinction in the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church, c1990. Webb, Roscoe C.
View Record  289.7 MEN Mennonites in Canada., c1996.
View Record  287 CLA Methodism in Maroa, Macon County, Illinois., c1978. Clary, Eleanor Rainey
View Record  286.6 MCE Ministers of First Christian Church, Springfield, Illinois., c1962. McElroy, Charles
View Record  230.93 WEBB Mormon Christianity: What Other Christians Can Learn from the Latter-Day Saints, c2013. Webb, Stephen
View Record  287 WOL Mothers Day & the Mothers Day Church., c1962. Wolfe, Howard H.
View Record  929.3 BREED My Ancestors Were Baptists, c1986. Breed, Geoffrey R.
View Record  929.3 MILLIGAN My Ancestors Were Quakers, c1983. Milligan, Edward
View Record  200.25 MEL v.01 National Directory of Churches, Synagogues, & Other Houses of Worship. v.01 Northeastern States; c1994. Melton, J. Gordon. (Editor).
View Record  200.25 MEL v.02 National Directory of Churches, Synagogues, & Other Houses of Worship. v.02 Midwestern States; c1994. Melton, J. Gordon. (Editor).
View Record  200.25 MEL v.03 National Directory of Churches, Synagogues, & Other Houses of Worship. v.03 Southern States; c1994. Melton, J. Gordon. (Editor).
View Record  200.25 MEL v.04 National Directory of Churches, Synagogues, & Other Houses of Worship. v.04 Western States Including Guam and Hawaii, c1994. Melton, J. Gordon. (Editor).
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Records: 1 to 50 of 98