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View Record  929.3758 HOUSTON 1827 Land Lottery of Georgia, c1976. Houston, Martha Lou. (compiler).
View Record  974.842 GLI A Glimpse Into Adams County, 1860-1914., 1977. Moore, Carey A. (Editor).
View Record  627.1 ANTONINI A Historical Geography of Southwest Florida Waterways, v. 1, n.c.d. Antonini, Gustavo A., David A. Fann and Paul Roat.
View Record  977 HATCHER A Pictorial History of the Great Lakes, c1963. Hatcher, Harlan and Erich A. Walter.
View Record  912.73 UNI Aerial Photographs in the National Archives., c1971 and 1981. Taylor, Charles E. & Richard E. Spurr (compilers)
View Record  917.3 AME American Place Names of Long Ago, c1998. Bahn, Gilbert S. (Editor)
View Record  976.6373 WALLS Celebrate Fayetteville: Exploring the Greater Fayetteville Region, c2014. Walls, Nathan and Byron Jones (photographer).
View Record  912 COL Collier's World Atlas and Gazetteer., c1949.
View Record  917.8 GREGG Commerce of the Prairies, c1954. Moorhead, Max L. & Josiah Gregg
View Record  917.3014 BEA County Name Origins of the United States., c2001. Beatty, Michael A.
View Record  929.3771 DELAWARE Delaware County, Ohio Genealogy Locality Guide, extracted from Ohio Genealogical Society Quarterly, n.c.d.
View Record  943.4 GOOCK Der Rhein: Europe’s romantic river, a journey from its headwaters to its mouth, c1979. Goock, Roland.
View Record  929.1072 GOOD Finding Your People in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, c1988. Good, Rebecca H. and Rebecca A. Ebert.
View Record  050 CAL Fort Myers High School Yearbook. Caloosahatchian. Library has 1929, Fort Myers High School
View Record  911.73 KIR Genealogical and Historical Atlas of the U.S., c1976. Kirkham, E. Kay
View Record  912.73 EVE Genealogical Atlas of the United States of America., c1966. Everton, George B.
View Record  910.453 RAT Great Lakes Shipwrecks and Survivals., c1960. Ratigan, William
View Record  912 WOR Hammond World Atlas, c1973.
View Record  912 HAM Hammond's New Supreme World Atlas, CMCMLII.
View Record  911 HAR Harper Atlas of World History, c1987.
View Record  388.1 PAWLETT Historic Roads of Virginia: The Route of the Three Notch’d Road, c1976. Pawlett, Nathaniel Mason and Howard H. Newlon, Jr.
View Record  911.73 NAT Historical Atlas of the U.S., c1988. National Geographic Society
View Record  917.3 STE How the States Got Their Shapes, c2008. Stein, Mark
View Record  975.948 TUR Images of America: Fort Myers, c2000. Turner, Gregg and Stan Mulford
View Record  975.944 FRAZER Images of America: Naples, c2004. Frazer, Lynne Howard
View Record  910.92 MOR Journals and other Documents on the Life and Voyages of Christopher Columbus., c1963. Morison, Samuel Eliot (translator & editor)
View Record  929.7 MACLAG Lines of Succession: Heraldry of the Royal Families of Europe, c2002. Maclagan, Michael and Jiri Louda
View Record  911.73 THO Map Guide to the U.S. Federal Censuses, 1790-1920., c1987. Thorndale, William & William Dollarhide
View Record  912.748 PAXSON Map of a Trip from Philadelphia to Tinicum Island, Delaware County, Pennsylvania, where the Swedes founded, and for 12 years (1643-1655) maintained the first permanent colony in Pennsylvania, c1926.
View Record  912 DOL Maps, Names, and Places., c1997. Dollarhide, William
View Record  912.73 MIGRATION Migration Trails Map: Featuring Twenty-Four of the Major Trails East of the Mississippi River, n.c.d.
View Record  976.193 BRIGHTWE More Than a River: Decatur-Morgan County, c2013. Brightwell, Tiffany
View Record  910.3 KAN Nicknames of Cities and States of the United States., c1965. Kane, Joseph N. & Gerald L. Alexander
View Record  911.73 UNI Official Military Atlas of the Civil War, c1978.
View Record  910.3 ROO Placenames of the World., c1987. Room, Adrian
View Record  912.714 NATIONAL Quebec, c1991. National Geographic Society.
View Record  912.13 RAI Railroad Maps: The West., 1980.
View Record  912 RAN Rand McNally World Atlas, c1943.
View Record  912 RAN Rand McNally World Atlas, c1951.
View Record  929.342 RECORD Record Repositories in Great Britain: A Geographical Directory, Ninth edition, c1991.
View Record  976.4145 PRUITT Rich with Opportunity: Images of Beaumont and Jefferson County (Texas), c2011. Pruitt, Joy (photographer) and Rogayle Franklin.
View Record  973 MEI Shaping of America: Geographical Perspective on 500 years of American History. Volume One: Atlantic America, 1492-1800; Volume Two: Continental America, 1800-1867; Volume Three: Transcontinental America, 1850-1915., c1986. Meinig, D.W.
View Record  911 STA Standard Atlas of the World, Vol. 1 Maps, c1906.
View Record  911 STA Standard Atlas of the World, Vol. 2 Appendix, c1906.
View Record  903 PET The Book of Ancient Lights: Dictionary for Genealogists and Historians., c1989. Peterson, Anita
View Record  973 WOLK The Naming of America: How Continents, Countries, States, Counties, Cities, Towns, Villages, Hamlets and Post Offices Came by Their Names, c1977. Wolk, Allan.
View Record  975.8225 COVINGTO The Places and Faces of DeKalb County, Georgia, c2013. Covington, Marti C. and Dwayne Sullivan
View Record  929.3758 LUCAS The Second or 1807 Land Lottery of Georgia, c1986. Lucas, Silas Emmett, Jr. (compiler).
View Record  971.21 HIN The Yukon, n.c.d. Hinton, Arthur Cherry
View Record  917.3 CRO Tour Guide to the Civil War: The Complete State-by-State Guide to Battlegrounds, Landmarks, Museums, Relics, and Sites. 4th edition revised., c1992. Cromie, Alice
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Records: 1 to 50 of 56