LCGS Monthly Membership Meeting
Thursday, 18 March 2021
A Game of Clues: Researching Adoptions
by Marsha Kreucher

Using a case study of the search through her husband's lost families

Ms. Kreucher will provide practical advice on available resources

and how to turn clues into proof of ancestry and track his history.

It was during this process, she learned a lot about how

to use the information available for adoptions

from Canada to the Unites States. 


The meeting of the society will be via GoToWebinar,
a meeting platform that will allow us to meet virtually. 

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Facts and Tips
When searching on Google, your results and the number of results, will depend upon how you enter your keywords.

Michigan held state census in the years of: 1854, 1864, 1874, 1884 and 1904.

In early American History, a daughter-in-law was a step-daughter or the wife of their son.

In some families you will find children named after older brothers/ sisters who died.
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Waterways were the original lanes of communication and transportation.

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