LCGS 2022 Membership Meetings
Lee County Genealogical Society will once again have
in-person Membership meetings.
Those members and guests that would like to attend
our in-person meetings may join us in the 
Fellowship Hall of the Cypress Lake Presbyterian Church
8260 Cypress Lake Drive in Fort Myers.
Doors open at 9:30 a.m., with our meeting beginning at 10:00 a.m.
 "To register for this month's meeting via webinar,
go to the Members Only section"
If our presenter is remote, those in attendance at the church will be
able to view the presentation projected onto a large screen in the
Fellowship Hall while those at home may watch virtually,
as we have done since March of 2020. 
If the presenter is giving a live program in the Fellowship Hall
 the webinar will stream from the church.
Coronavirus Guidelines:
  • Masks are discretionary for everyone.
  • Social distancing is encouraged and seating will be spaced accordingly.
  • We ask attendees to bring their own hand sanitizer.
  • Please do not attend the meeting if you are feeling ill, have a fever, cough or runny nose, of if you have been exposed to COVID-19 positive individuals within the two weeks prior to our meeting.
Refreshments will not be served at our in-person meetings,
so please feel free to bring a beverage of your choice.

LCGS 2022 Membership Meetings 
20 January 2022
Road Trip! Planning a Research Trip (On- or Off-line)
Ann Staley
When taking a trip, a map of the route and area we are visiting is a huge help.
Our research "trip" to/through the records and repositories should be no different. What we need is a genealogy road map. We will look at a number of ways of creating a research plan, using timelines, "researching" the repository,
tips and tricks for packing, computer programs to help with analyzing
your data before you go, and more.
17 February 2022
Genealogy Trip Experiences in the United States
LCGS Member Panel Discussion
17 March 2022
Genealogy Trip Experiences - International Research
LCGS Member Panel Discussion
21 April 2022
The Fascinating Story of the Concord (the Other Mayflower)
Lori Coffey
19 May 2022
How to Create a Free Google Earth Map for Your Research
Lisa Louise Cooke
16 June 2022
Psychology of Searching
Penny Walters
21 July 2022
10 Things to Do Before Leaving a Library or Archives
Melissa Barker
18 August 2022
Preparing for a Library Research Visit
Bryan Mulcahy
15 September 2022
Five Reasons the Records Aren't In the Courthouse
George M. Morgan
20 October 2022
The President and the Devilfish
Robert N. Macomber
17 November 2022
Using Land Records to Track a Migrating Family
Kimberly Powell
15 December 2022
Organizing Your Research Trip
Drew Smith

Facts and Tips
In 1871, pensions were granted to veterans who fought in the War of 1812 and their survivors, If you know your ancestor fought in the War of 1812 and cannot find his pension records, he may have died before the government granted those pensions.

During the colonial period, most able-bodied men between the ages of 16 and 60 were expected to participate in a local militia unit, which was organized by towns, counties or provinces. The militia's main role was local defense.

Create an ancestor profile which will incorporate relooking at your source documents.
[Basic Information]

King William`s War - The First of the French and Indian Wars was the first in a series of colonial conflicts between France and England for supremacy in North America. The major goal, other than prestige, was the control of the fur trade.

Ellis Island became a U.S. Coast Guard Station when the U.S. entered World War II in 1942.