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This series of over 200 volumes contains for the listed families a brief history, the family coat of arms if appropriate, locations where the families lived, and a complete genealogy for each listed family.

This article was published in Der Blumenbaum, Volume 25, Number 2: October, November, December 2007, page 115, the official journal of the Sacramento German Genealogy Society published by Lorelei Press of Sacramento, CA.
Reprinted August 2007 from the German Interest Group-Wisconsin Newsletter, Volume 9, Number 2, August 2002.
Member's personal list of German Reference books. Look-ups available upon request.
Germany kept population records for their people just as we do in the United States, however in a different form. It was a law that for all people to register with the Registration Office where they lived. If they moved, they informed the local office and then registered at their new home. This Registration Office was usually operated by the police department. That is why we refer to them as Police Records.
Here are some web sites that may help you with you German research. You may already know about some of them. Others you may not.
As a descendent of German ancestors you knew that you came from people who have always strived to make important contributions to the world. Even though you are not a composer, inventor, artist, or author your immediate ancestors also accomplished a great deal. Many of them came to the United States with very little and look what they and their children have done in the following generations. By reading what I have put together about these notable Germans think about what you have done and what your children and grandchildren still have left to do. Maybe one of them will be the next Beethoven, Einstein, or Goethe.
Worksheet of questions to help you focus your research on your German ancestor.
Brief article on the reasons for Germans to emigrate, ports of exit, and other important information related to your ancestor's travel to America.
Information on naming patterns and religion of your German ancestor.
Recenty a program was given at one of the General Meetings of the Lee County Genealogical Society. The presenters had researched immigrant's trips to American. A couple of months ago I found this article and thought you might enjoy it.