Genealogy Definitions

Ancestor   A person from whom one is descended.
Census Record   A counting of population and related statistics done by the government occurring at regular intervals.
Document   An official or legal piece of paper used as proof of an event such as a birth.
Family Bible   A Bible in which may be written the birth, marriage and death dates of a family.
Family History   Family history is the study of many generations of people who appear to be related.
Genealogy   Genealogy is the study of your family history.
Generation   A generation is a group of people born and living at the same time.
Maiden name   The surname of a female’s father.
Parents    Your mother and father.
Pedigree Chart   A record of ancestry, usually shown on a chart.
Proof   Documents or other evidence, which makes you believe a statement or claim, is likely to be true.
Research   The careful study and collection of information about a subject.
Siblings   Brothers and/or sister with the same parents.
Surname   A person’s last name or family name.
Vital Record   A document that sets down in writing a past event such as a birth, marriage or death.
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