What is Genealogy?

Genealogy is the study of your family history. That history includes you and your brothers and sisters (siblings), your mother and father (parents), your grandparents, great grandparents and so forth.

Sometimes a chart is used to show family relationships. This chart is called a Family Tree or a Pedigree Chart. When you place the members of your family in a Family Tree (Pedigree Chart) you can now see the different generations. A generation is a group of people born and living at the same time.  Some examples of Family Tree and Pedigree Charts can be found below:

To find this information you can ask your parents, your aunts and uncles or your grandparents. You can also be a detective and search through family records like a Family Bible where births, marriages and deaths may be listed, church records like baptismal, confirmation and marriage records and, civil records. Civil records are created by the
government to keep track of who owned land, who voted, who was born, married or died. Census records show where someone was living when the census was taken, who the members of their family were and where a person and his/her parents were born. Research can also mean studying the area where your family members lived. This could include local histories, county, state and even country histories.