The History of LCGS

The Lee County Genealogical Society began on November 25, 1975, when a small group of Lee County residents interested in genealogy met at the home of Ernest England. They discussed their family history research, and because of their enthusiasm about this topic, a second meeting was planned.
By January 20, 1976, when the second meeting was held, the size of this genealogical group had more than doubled, and a decision was reached on the name: "The Lee County Genealogical Society". Two months later, the organization's by-laws were approved, and in April 1976 the first slate of officers was presented. Membership dues were established at $3.00 per year.  It was an active group. They started a newsletter and an ancestor chart notebook; they held workshops and they donated books to the library. On September 22, 1988, they filed Articles of Incorporation and became the Lee County Genealogical Society, Inc.
Because of the wisdom, foresight and efforts of these pioneer members who established policies and goals, today's Lee County Genealogical Society, has a firm foundation on which to build. Current members continue to promote the study of family history and provide sound training in genealogical research.
The Lee County Genealogical Society, Inc. is a Florida non-profit corporation and a 501(c)(3), federally recognized non-profit, tax-exempt organization. Donations, gifts, bequests and contributions are tax-deductible in accordance with IRS regulations.