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We offer the following explanations, forms, charts, and information to assist in your family research.
As in medicine and business, abbreviations and acronyms are used in genealogy to keep things simple. Some common abbreviations and acronyms are in this helpful list.
Hispanic/Latino Genealogy Selective Bibliographyprepared by Dr. Paul R. Rivera, 17 April 2019
Indenture, Bastardy, and Poorhouse Bibliography, prepared by Carolee Dunivan, 21 September 2017
Census Information
Over 290 pieces of information and suggestions to help in your family research.
Downloadable forms like Ahnentafel Charts, Family Group Sheets, Research Logs, Pedigree, Charts, and more, to help with your family research.
From time to time while researching our families, we come across words and terminology that we don't understand. Some are no longer used in today's world and some have quite different meanings.  We hope these will assist you in your family research.
Genealogy Terms - genealogy words you may encounter while doing genealogy.
English Law Terms - Jurisdictional terms.
German Glossary - some words you may encounter in searching for German records.  
Occupations - occupations that your ancestor might have engaged in.
Old Cooking Terms - ones you may find in older recipes.
Old Medical Terms -  a collection of old medical terms that were used on many documents, including
death certificates.
Olde English Words - words you may encounter when researching your English ancestors.
Technology Terms - computer technology terms.
           List of Major Epidemics   
           U.S. Vital Records 
            Films on Immigration and the Immigrant Experience (provided by Dr. Paul R. Rivera)
           (provided by Bryan L. Mulcahy, Reference Librarian, Fort Myers Regional Library)
            Immigrant Ports of Entry and Departure (provided by 
            Bryan L. Mulcahy, Reference Librarian, Fort Myers Regional Library)
Military Research
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