Middle School Youth Award

In an effort to create interest in genealogy and family history by middle school aged students, the Lee County Genealogical Society has created the Middle School Youth Award.  Any student in Grades 6, 7 or 8 in any Lee County school (public, charter, private, parochial) or home school setting is eligible to participate.  It is projected that the Society will award several MS Youth Awards each year, so all MS aged students are encouraged to enter.
Also to encourage participation, the LCGS is very willing to find members who will serve as mentors and assist students with their submissions.  Students are encouraged to contact the Education Chair to arrange for a mentor.
All entries will be judged on how well the student has fulfilled the entry requirements, how accurate and correct all information is, how creatively and neatly the entry has been organized.
All entries must contain the following:
1.  Cover Sheet which includes the student’s name, address, phone, parents’ names, school and grade
2.  A complete four generation pedigree chart, which includes full names, dates and places of birth and death.  On a separate sheet, students should indicate where they obtained the information (such as family member interview, family Bible, family scrapbooks, etc.  If available, copies of as many documents supporting the information given (birth, baptism, marriage, death certificates, newspaper obituaries, etc.) should be included. (No originals should be submitted.)
3.  Choose any TWO (2) of the following activities to complete entry requirements.  Students may choose how they present the information:  essay, PowerPoint, Prezi (https://prezi.com/), Infographic (see https://www.easel.ly/ or https://www.canva.com/ ), timeline, etc.  The more creative, the better! 

1.  Words to Know
Define key words to the study.  Include a bibliography of sources.
ancestor, blood line, descendant, documentation, family history, genealogy, heritage, immigration, maternal, naturalization, paternal, sibling, source, spouse
2.  Ancestor Interview
Interview a grandparent, great grandparent or other relative over the age of 50 one on one.  The interview questions should go beyond the basic genealogy facts, and include interesting stories about the real life experiences of the ancestor.
3.  Ancestor Timeline
Using one of the ancestors more than 50 years in age in the student’s pedigree chart, create a timeline of important events in that person’s life intertwined with major historical events that occurred during that person’s life. 
4.  Ancestor Poster
Create a graphic biography of one of the student’s ancestors should be created.  A digital infographic may be chosen to complete this person’s life story using free websites such as www.easel.ly or a more traditional poster may be designed.  (If a traditional poster is chosen, it should be photographed for submission, not sent.)
5.  Ancestor Scrapbook
Create a pictorial history of at least 4 pages of the student’s family.  This can be done in a traditional fashion or digitally using scanned photos.  (If a traditional approach is chosen, the pages should be scanned or photographed for submission.)
6.  Genealogy Game
Make a game about the student’s family, genealogy in general, or related topic.  The sky’s the limit!  (Please contact the Education Chair to discuss how to submit the game.)
7.  Census Study
Using the Family Search US. Census Headings, create a presentation about the many differences in the collection of census information since 1790.
8.  Website Genealogy
Create a list of at least TEN free genealogy websites including information about what users will find at each of the sites that will benefit their genealogical research.
9.  Library Field Trip
Make a visit to the Fort Myers Regional Library Genealogy Room (2nd floor).  With the assistance of the staff there, find and create a bibliography of at least 5 references that might help in the research of your past family members.  Discuss what will be found in each of the five sources to help with your research.
10.  Genealogy Researcher Interview
Contact any local genealogy, historical, or lineage (DAR, SAR) member to interview him/her about genealogy and research.  Report on what the member has been learned about genealogy, research, and related topics. (Please contact the Education Chair for assistance with this!)
11.  Military Genealogy
Students with ancestors who served in the military should research records and find additional information on the battles, engagements, and other military action their ancestor’s unit saw.
12.  Immigration Information
Research how and when immigrants arrived on American soil, going back as far as possible.  Information of your immigrant background should be included if available.
13.  Surname Chart
Research and document family surnames and the many variations.  First names of family members may be included as well.
14.  Hometown History
Compile a brief history of your hometown, going back to its founding if possible.
15.  Cemetery Archiving
Visit and document a local cemetery and explore the gravestones for unique and different ones, including such things as the oldest gravestone, the newest, the most bizarre.  Documentation can be in the form of pictures as well as text.
16.  Internet Investigation
Using free, available genealogy website such as familysearch.org, find 10 documents (birth or death certificates, land records, census records, etc.) related to ancestors and/or their siblings.  Print out or create a presentation displaying the various documents

Submission Guidelines:
Other than the required pedigree chart, students may choose any method to present information to meet entry requirements:
  • Essay, theme – should be no more than 2 typed pages, 12 point font, 1” margins.
  • PowerPoint – no more than 8 slides with text and images
  • Prezi – at least 8-12 pertinent facts should be displayed
  • Infographic – at least 8-12 pertinent facts with pictures and images included
  • Timelines – should cover at least 50 years of ancestor’s life
Submission deadline: February 28, 2018.
Requests for a mentor or technical questions regarding submissions should be directed to Ken Weaver, Education Chair, by emailing him at education@lcgsfl.org or by calling 239-243-9414.
Entries may be printed out and mailed to:
Middle School Award Committee
Lee County Genealogical Society, Inc
PO Box 150153
Cape Coral, FL  33915-0153.
Or they may be converted to PDF format and sent as an attachment to education@lcgsfl.org